Published on: Sep 19, 2016


I’m a generally happy person.  A generally happy person who’s also pretty annoyed at the world on a daily basis.  I try not to be because there’s nothing I can do to change anyone, but sometimes that annoyance rears its ugly head.

I’ve comes to terms with the fact that I don’t care like others do.  I do have empathy, and feeling of course, but I also don’t care to conform.  If I offend someone then I should apologize, it’s the thing to do, but I also don’t have to agree with them.  When someone hurts your feelings you may deserve an apology, but you don’t deserve their acceptance.  If someone doesn’t agree with you, hey cool, move on.  I try to live by this in my own life too.  I don’t look for people to make me happy, or to enable me.  It’s not their job, nor should it be.  Frankly, I find it sad that so many people feel the need to protest when someone says something “wrong”.

When I get annoyed I have to remind myself of the things that I do have control over and of the things that make me happy.  I dare you to create a similar list for yourself.  Be honest with your feelings.  Don’t make the list for someone else’s happiness, and don’t remove something because it might offend someone.  This list is for you, not anyone else.

10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Currently planning a 2-month long road trip using Roadtrippers! 
  2. Headed to NYC in October to visit my best friend (3 more weeks!)
  3. Excited for colder weather so that I can wear my new cashmere sweater.
  4. Apples, apple pie, apple crisp, hot apple cider, apples…
  5. My dog’s pretty old, but still alive and healthy.
  6. Met my cousins baby last weekend (He’s the sweetest).
  7. I’m using less waste and cutting out plastic bags as often as possible.
  8. I don’t watch the news.
  9. I have really great hair.
  10. I got lucky in the friends and family department.

Once you write your list, share it!  I’d love to see what you come up with.

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