Published on: Jul 12, 2020


Shopping on a budget doesn’t need to be complicated.  Here are 10 tips for saving money on your next grocery run while still eating healthy!

  1. Purchase whole foods – you can make countless meals from the various veggie and fruit options available.  When you buy one frozen meal you’re getting one frozen meal.  When you buy four peppers you can add some ground beef or tofu with a grain and have yourself four stuffed peppers that are both healthy and filling.
  2. Limit your purchasing of fruit juices.  Fruit juice is full of unnecessary sugar with a high amount of calories.
  3. Eliminate bottled water.  If you’re nervous about tap water consider purchasing a water filter.  This one-time purchase will be worth the cost.  You’ll also be helping the environment in the process!
  4. Cut off soda and sugary beverages.   These items are unhealthy and also add up in price.  Many people do love carbonation so I recommend seltzer water (minus the added sodium) and adding fruit.
  5. Purchase food in bulk (and freeze unused meals for later)
  6. Limit purchase of pre-packaged items
  7. Check the price per pound when purchasing meat and poultry – meat and poultry can add up in cost so also consider going meatless for a few meals each week
  8. Stick to the same items for weekly meal prep – People can get fancy with their weekly meals but this can add a lot of stress when prepping, especially when you’re new to cooking.  Consider meal prepping using similar products for each meal!
  9. Shop on a full stomach – Going into a grocery store already hungry can be a dangerous combination.  Make sure to eat beforehand to limit the purchasing of unnecessary items.
  10. Only buy what you need – be creative with the items you’ve already purchased.  A 3 for 1 deal is a good idea only if you need all three items.

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