Published on: May 29, 2020


What does a healthy lifestyle look like to you? 

A healthy lifestyle can mean something different depending on who you ask.  I can’t be sure what your definition is but I associate being healthy with the word “wellness”.  There are six pillars of wellness and unless all are being maintained we’re not as healthy as we could be.   These six pillars are physical, mental/intellectual, environmental/occupational, social, spiritual, and emotional.  When describing health it’s important to pay attention to these six points and to focus our attention where there’s lack.  It’s great if you’re working out and eating healthy but being healthy goes beyond these two factors.


By learning and recognizing these six pillars of wellness you can become more aware of the areas in your life that get to be worked on.  Spend time each day on fitness but also your mental health.  Become aware of who you’re surrounding yourself with and how your emotions are being affected.  Eat proper nutrition that will fuel your body while at the same time being aware of your spiritual and social needs.  All of these things are intertwined to create the best life lived.  It can be a balancing act at first but over time it’ll become as easy as breathing.

If you’re looking for support in any of these six areas please reach out and I’ll be happy to support you in your goals! 

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