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Random Stories

Talking About Surgery- Empowerment Series

Publish on: Nov 27, 2018 Snow in New York is something magical.  Small diamonds lingering on cold pavement, crushed beneath black boots. Nighttime shadows playing tricks on my mind.   Consuming darkness lit only by dim street lights and the glitter underfoot.  I like the unknown, especially now.  Because I’m okay.  Things are where they are to get me …

Random Stories

An Ode to September and The Months That Follow

Published on: Sep 7, 2016   Hello, fall (Almost).  September isn’t my favorite month, but I love it for welcoming fall.  The green trees outside my window are breathing with life; nourished by the rainfall that enters this part of New York every year.  The sky is mourning the passing of summer, but soon will welcome the …

Random Stories

Self-Discovery Has Allowed Me to Move On From What I’ve Always Loved

Published on: Aug 18, 2016   I’m currently sitting at home, sick. I should be resting, but I dislike the idea of sitting around doing nothing all day.  I’ve made a discovery, and I needed to write it down. I haven’t written a post in a while, which is pretty typical of me according to the …