How do you stand out in a world of 7 billion people?

If you look at the world that is Hollywood, it’s easy to pick up on similarities across the board in just about everything that’s being produced.  Most content is a copy of someone else’s content.  So my question is, how do you stand out?  Because right now, I’m looking for a job, as are thousands (maybe millions) of others who are in the same boat as I am.  And we’re all meant to stand out.  But how do we collectively say, “Hey, I’m working on myself every day, and I want to work for you because I know we’ll add value to each other.” without sounding like everyone else?

I don’t have a solid answer yet so I decided that I’ll write and continue this website in hopes of figuring it out.  Because maybe that’s how I’ll stand out.  By writing and researching various topics and creating content that makes my heart happy.  I can say with 100% confidence that writing, in some form, has been a craft that I’ve always loved.  I stopped for a few years when, instead of working with me, I was told constantly by teachers that I was a terrible writer, but that’s another story.

I’m excited to begin working again soon, and I’m grateful that I have access to a computer and WiFi so that I can apply at all.  However, it’s easy to feel discouraged about the whole thing. None of us expected to lose our jobs last March. But here we are, and we get to figure life out despite anything that did or didn’t occur in 2020. There’s no use moping over the past because the only thing that makes any sense is to keep moving forward.

I’m at a point in my life where the opinions of others don’t affect me quite like they once have. I used to get seriously hung up over someone’s perception of me. Despite them never having lived a day of my life. What was that about?? I will be honest in saying that my anxiety is still very much present. I can spend all day laughing with a person. But once I get home I immediately begin questioning everything I did and said.  I’m a work in progress. And I do know logically that I’m worth it despite any of my worst days. 

All my focus right now is going into finding a job and learning new skills. I have the friends I have and that’s enough for the moment. I’m not looking for new people, and I’m not looking for a love life. If it happens well then, great. But I wish people would stop asking about it. Why does it matter if I’m in love when the “life of me” will always be my greatest love story?  The fact that I’m at a place where I can love myself at all is pretty impressive. Especially considering all the deep dark parts of my story. I’m proud of myself, and that’s good enough. Whoever decides to add to that will be welcomed if it makes sense to the trajectory of my path.  

The goals I have mapped out are related to a greater story I’m going to help tell the world.  My goals are to create something here.  These are goals I’ve had since high school that I rarely share but which I’ve been writing down and honing in on over the years.  We’re so divided and we have been for years.  I think one core issue is the fact that we’re being sold different narratives and believing whatever rather than listening to each other.  And I mean really listening.  Not listening to explain, not listening to shut-down, but listening to love despite any and all differences.

I’m letting the future flow.  This is me slowly learning how to better stand out.


Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

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