If you were like me growing up your hair endured a lot of straightening, curling, and random products to attempt the perfect wave.  Heat damage and split ends are real and hair health is important to maintain your quality.  I’ve listed below two products I love along with tips on how to maintain healthy hair.

1. Protect your hair from excessive heat

Heat damage leads to dryness and brittleness.  Become aware of the amount of heat you’re putting onto your hair and consider opting between the medium and cool settings on dryers and straighteners.

2. Be kind to wet hair

Wet hair is vulnerable so how you treat it is crucial.  Don’t pull or struggle to brush through wet hair as this can further the chances for damage.  Avoid friction, insted blot dry with a towel, microfiber cloth, or a soft-T-shirt.

3. Go to a professional

A professional hairstylist will have the products and tools necessary to deal with various hair types.  Stylists are a great place to go to get your hair colored in a healthier manner and to deal with split ends and damage.

4. Don’t shampoo daily

Showering daily is one thing but excessive shampooing can cause more harm than good.  If you feel like your hair needs a pickup, dry shampoos are awesome and will give some nourishment.  Consider rinsing with medium to cold water as this helps close hair cuticles.

Two products that I recommend for care:

Shampoo:  Strengthen with a plant-derived microprotein-infused shampoo that has been shown to reduce damaged breakage 

Conditioner: Strengthen with a plant-derived microprotein-infused conditioner that has been shown to reduce damaged breakage


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