Relationship Goals – An Opinion Piece

Since maybe middle school I decided that my number one goal and desire is that the man I marry has to be my friend before anything else.  Without a friendship base, I don’t believe that any romantic relationship can truly sustain itself.  My second goal is to be personally developed so that I can attract a man who’s at a higher level energetically.

My whole life I’ve watched as relationships imploded around me. The reason being was lack of communication, emotional immaturity, not taking responsibility, etc.  I’ve known from a young age what a healthy and unhealthy relationship looked like.

I joke about dating a lot and sometimes I wonder if people actually believe that I’ve been around as much as I say I have.  I need to stop joking about this because the jokes do come from a place of insecurity.  Part of me feels that I need to be in a relationship to be “normal” but at the same time I just do not care at all about dating.

The truth is, I haven’t been in a long term relationship.  It’s not that I couldn’t be in a long term relationship, it’s that I’ve never had a desire to try.  There are men who would date me, but I don’t feel I’m where I want to be in personal growth yet.  There are things I’m still figuring out.  I want to get to know myself a little more outside of any relationship.  This is something I continuously remind myself of every time I jokingly contemplate online dating again.

Personal development is a lifetime of work and commitment. But my why has always been to be a mom and own my own business.

I spent a lot of time being someone I’m not and I’m working on learning who Kelsey is.  The girls who’re both a friend and a daughter.  But most of all the girls who’s an entrepreneur and desires so strongly to grow a business.  I have goals surrounding my nutrition business and I want to help people who struggle with eating and wellness. My plan is to also begin interviewing people again.  I love shooting and editing video content, and I’m working on making a business out of this as well.

All of my goals are going to come together in the next few months to a year.  I might not have an established business by 2020 but the plan is to be established to the point where I have something massive to show for it.

The mom part will come after I’ve built myself as an entrepreneur. It’s important to me that I’m healthy and as whole as possible before I have children because I want them to have two positive and loving parents.  Going back to the relationship part of this post, I NEED personal development so that I attract a man who will be the husband I want, but also the father my children deserve.

I want to be with someone who will challenge and grow with me. Someone who I can be friends with first. A man who I will learn to like before I learn to love.  Someone who will also have an entrepreneurial mindset so that they’ll understand the lifestyle.  I’m not saying that It’ll be easy or that there won’t be issues, because there will be, I’m not unrealistic.  But I know that if I put the work in it will all pay off in the end.



Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

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