Published on: May 28, 2020


Happiness means different things to different people and can be brought on by different experiences.  It’s a mindset, something that can be learned.  Telling someone that they SHOULD be happy is simple enough to say but not always simple to apply.  While we get to choose our happiness the feeling can come and go.  Long-term happiness comes from the feeling of belief in the path you’re on, gratitude, and making a difference.

Happiness doesn’t come from material things, looks, or status.  Money doesn’t make a person happy.  It helps you live a life you might be aiming for but until we can get to the route of what ignites that light inside of us we’ll constantly be searching for our happiness.   Oftentimes people seek this feeling by using the phrase, “I’ll be happy when…”.  But happiness isn’t running from you, this headspace is available for everyone right now regardless of where you are in the world.

Sadness oftentimes stems from a lack of fulfillment and low self-awareness.  To find out what makes you happy ask yourself what brings you joy.  Where do you find meaning in life, what are you passionate about?  Enjoy your journey, the little things in life.  Because all of these little things built up will lead us to that feeling that so many seek.  There isn’t “one” thing that will make us happy.  The feeling can be both internal and external at the same time.

Happy people are more successful in their friendships, work, income, health, and marriage.  They get sick less often and have a stronger support system.  Getting to this level of self-happiness isn’t always easy and can take years to master.  Having self-happiness is related to increased self-esteem and self-confidence.  Overall happy people are more productive and set futuristic goals to better themselves and the world around them.

Three things that bring me happiness:

  1. Community – Relationships and the feeling of belonging.
  2. Gratitude and intentional silence.
  3. Work – I love helping people grow and reach their goals.

What do happiness and being happy mean for you? 




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