What Do You Really Want Your Life to Look Like?

The rush landing of a plane touching ground is a feeling I never tire of, knowing that this new place will bring a different adventure, new memories that will help guide and shape who I’m becoming.  That slight anxiety when the plane lands only lasts a few minutes and then it’s gone.  I hardly even notice it now.  Once we deplane we return to our normal.  A state of being that only we get to define.

The best views from the sky are that of crystal blue water and blue sand.  Sand so soft and delicate, like baby powder, was dumped from the sky.   I’ve always preferred being barefoot and used to wish I could spend my life walking around with no shoes and very little clothing.  I craved sunshine, small cities, and chilly nights spent watching fireflies dance amongst the starlit sky with dewy grass underfoot.

Sometimes this world can get the best of us.  We overthink, get attached, and let our fears control our outcomes.  The truth is, we’re more capable then we give ourselves credit for and it can be frustrating.  Frustrating only because we’re equally as good at holding ourselves back.  This world has everything we need to be successful yet we often don’t do what needs to be done to get there.


Maybe it’s fear, we’re too comfortable, or maybe it’s not really what we want.  How do you discover what you want?  At your core what is it that makes you want to wake up in the morning?  What motivates and drives you to keep pushing forward?

I believe now more than ever that the universe has a funny way of shaking everything up when you’re too stagnant.  Your whole world can change in an instant and there’s nothing you can do to about it.  You just get to adapt and reevaluate the path you’re on.

Is this really what you want your future to look like?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life yearning for a certain body type, watching that show, dating that person, or even living in that city?  Are you happy or just comfortable?  Is this really what you want for yourself?   

People make a conscious decision every day to wake up and get on an airplane.  There’s that adrenaline rush as the plane takes off into that endless sky and sometimes you’re there for a few hours or only 45 minutes.  Maybe the flight was pleasant, maybe the person next to you smelled like spoiled fish.

Regardless, you made it through and whether or not you realize it, you’re different because of that experience.

And now you’re back to your own personal version of normal. You’re back on solid ground.

But is that really what you want?

Too often we answer yes out of fear for the unknown.  It can be scary to be a “Yes” person, terrifying to say “No” and head in a different direction.  It’s difficult saying goodbye to what you’ve learned to accept as your normal.  But how do you define normal?  Is your definition of normal aligned with who you’re becoming?

What are you doing right now to align you with this life you’ve carved out for yourself?

When you’re flying and you look down what do you see?  Where are you headed?   The great thing about life and airplanes is that you get to change directions if you don’t like the scenery.

We all have the power to ask ourselves, “Is this what I want for myself?”  And we get to change accordingly.



Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash




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